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Freight Britain: An engine for green growth

04 March 2024

Rail freight forms the backbone of our economy and, whether we know it or not, we are all rail freight customers.

Businesses across the country look to rail freight to transport a broad range of commodities that we depend on in our daily lives such as food and fuel.

Rail Partners’ report ‘Freight Britain:

An engine for green growth’ is published following a commitment from the Department for Transport to grow rail freight by no less than 75% by 2050. It offers a route to delivering on, and exceeding that target – and securing the benefits freight brings to the economy and the environment. 

Freight operating companies are actively looking for opportunities to invest in growing the sector. Under the right conditions, they would commit significant resources into procuring greener rolling stock, building new and improved freight facilities across the network, and in people through driving more innovation creating more high-skilled jobs. 

The report details five priority policy interventions that would create those conditions, giving rail freight operating companies confidence to invest, and – in partnership with government – grow the sector: 

  1. Address the widening gap between road and rail costs to create a level playing field between freight modes
  2. Maintain and expand already successful grant schemes to remove more lorries from roads
  3. Offer long term access to the rail network
  4. Provide reliable infrastructure necessary to support rail freight growth
  5. Deliver a reformed railway

Click the link to download the report in full.

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